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Fire and Life Safety
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What you can do to prevent fires:

  1. Please do not throw trash, empty boxes or other materials in the stairways or the corridors. The Downers Grove Fire Department considers this a fire code violation. Trash or empty boxes can interfere with an evacuation in case of an emergency.
    Trash is normally removed from your floor at night by the night cleaning crew. If for some reason you need to have trash removed during business hours, please contact the Management Office.
  2. There is no smoking in the buildings.
  3. Should a wastebasket catch fire and no water is immediately available, place another basket over it and then follow up with water.
  4. Extension cords are not allowed as they are considered to be a hazard. If you need an additional electrical outlet, please call our office.
  5. Space heaters are not permitted as they are considered to be hazardous. If you need the temperature adjusted, please contact the Management office.
  6. Coffeepots must be turned off when you are finished using them. Further, turn off all office equipment including, copy machines, desk lamps, personal computers, etc. before closing your office for the day.
  7. The Illinois Clean Air Act prohibits smoking in public buildings.

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