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Bomb Threat

Should a Tenant receive a bomb threat, try to receive as much information as possible from the caller and do not hang up the phone, this will assist the phone company in tracking down the location of the caller (see Bomb Threat Checklist below). Immediately call Hamilton Partners at (630) 963-0700 to relay the information received from the caller. Hamilton Partners will then notify the Downers Grove Police Department.

The Tenant who received the call should wait in the lobby for the arrival of the Police Department to give them as much information as possible. Tenants will make their own decisions as to whether to evacuate or not. If evacuation is necessary, Tenants should unlock desks, lockers and file cabinets, and turn off all machinery. Evacuees should remove all purses, briefcases, personal packages that might cause unnecessary wasted searching efforts. A complete search will be made by a designated official with a Tenant representative. If evacuation is chosen, the Building Evacuation Plan must be followed.

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