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Moving Procedures
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Tenant Responsibilities Prior to Occupancy

Two weeks prior to a move, Tenants should contact the Management Office to coordinate the move and reserve the service elevator. An elevator operator will be required for all moves at a rate of $35.00 per hour and will be billed directly to the Tenant via a monthly Tenant Service Invoice.

Please note: Once a tenant project is substantially completed it is handed over to our Building Management Office. Any vendor coordination that impacts the building requires notification and scheduling through our office after that time. For specific costs and hours associated with vendor coordination, please Click Here .

Various items must be completed prior to new tenants moving in. These items are as follows:

  1. Have your UNION mover provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Hamilton Partners, Inc. and additional insureds. Please have them reference your company's name on the certificate. Please note that this certificate must be on file prior to the move. No moving will be allowed without this certificate on file.
  2. Provide the post office with change of address information. Your new address will be *YOUR STREET NAME AND NUMBER*, Downers Grove, IL 60515. A mailbox will be provided to you by the Management Office. The suite number is indicated on your lease.
  3. Order phone and internet circuits from your telecom provider. Contact Titan Electric, James Stege (224) 688-5435 to provide the tie-in of your phone system to the building riser cables. Only Titan Electric is authorized to do this work in the building.
  4. Contact Titan Electric, James Stege (224) 688-5435 in order to extend the new circuits to your space.

Notify CommonWealth Edison at 1-800-376-7693 to request electric service in your name. You will need to give ComEd the following information:

1) Name of your company.
2) Suite number and building address.
3) Date you took occupancy of your space.
4) ComEd will ask for your Tax ID number.

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