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Tenant Remodeling

Tenants must request all remodeling or construction work through the Management Office to insure that such work is consistent with the building standards established at the Esplanade at Locust Point. On all construction, working drawings will be required and must receive approval.

The following policies shall apply:

For all construction jobs, the Management Office supervisor will receive the tenant’s approval prior to commencement of construction. Upon completion of the job, the Tenant will be charged the actual cost plus a 5-15% management fee.

Typical types of construction requests are:

  1. Electrical outlet installation.
  2. Light fixture installation or relocation.
  3. Door and wall relocation.
  4. Carpet Repairs.

Installation of electrical/telephone floor outlets require boring and cutting. These installations must receive prior approval from the Management Office so as to minimize disturbance to the Tenants and to insure no structural damage to the building. Only Management approved contractors are allowed to do this work.

Any glue-down applications for floor covering shall be completed with water-soluble adhesives only. Tenants will be accountable for costs to remove non-soluble adhesives.

If work has been contracted to be done in Tenant’s suite (i.e. telephone or electrical), Tenant must notify Management before work commences. Please note that only pre-approved contractors are authorized to do work in the building. All construction, repair or service work, must be coordinated and approved by the Management Office prior to work being performed. All contractors must have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the Management Office.


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