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After Hour Access

After business hours, access into the building can only be made by authorized personnel with access cards. These hours are as follows:

  1. From 5:30p.m. until 7:00a.m. Monday through Friday
  2. Weekends
  3. Holidays

After hours all perimeter doors to the building have readers where people may swipe their cards to gain access into the building. Please note, at the main entrance the card reader is located on the granite near the single door on the right; the revolving door and the left side door do not have a reader.

All elevator cabs are equipped with card readers for after hours access to your floor. Once getting into the elevator employees must swipe their card by the reader then press the button of the floor they wish to go to. Keycards are only programmed to take employees to the floor in which their office is located and back down to either the 1st or 2nd floor (public floors) for exiting purposes.

Should an employee experience problems with their keycard after hours or on the weekend they should be instructed to report the problem to their facilities manager the next business day. When reporting key card problems please have the employee name, keycard number, date, time and location where the card was not working. Please do not have employees call our main number (963-0700) or page the after hours security when experiencing keycard problems. Security has been instructed they are not to let anyone into the building after hours, this is for everyone’s safety.

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