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The Esplanade Buildings participace in a recycling program. Following is a list of what items are acceptable and what items are not acceptable:

We do accept: We do not accept:
White paper
Colored paper
Carbonless paper
Thermo fax paper
Post-it notes
Manilla or Kraft envelopes (with/without labels)
Plain or window envelopes (with/without labels)
Manilla or colored folders (no metal tabs)
Magazines & Newspapers
Coated papers (brochures, flyers, etc.)
Telephone books
Carbon paper
Aligator clips
Bathroom waste (any kind)
Food or kitchen waste
Label backing or sheets
Toweling or tissue
Wax coated cardboard or chipboard
Plastic (any kind)
Spirals (from spiral notebooks)
String or rope
Tyvek envelopes
Metal (any kind)

If you need recycling containers, please contact the Management Office at (630) 963-0700.

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